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Who we are. We are passionate brand lovers with years of international marketing and sales experience supporting you on your business journey to the word of fast growing economies of Central and Eastern Europe. We work with meaningful, purpose-driven brands that build and cherish deep connection with consumers and care for our planet to be a better place to live.

Our mission. Our mission is to support businesses that better people lives and our planet. We believe in the power of meaningful, purpose-driven Brands that make a difference and create long-term sustainable growth potential. We support these Brands, spread their positive spirit, philosophy and raise awareness of its beautiful products across Central and Eastern Europe.

What we do. We unleash your brand potential by making sure your brand story is relevant and convincing to Central and Eastern European consumers. We help your brands establish strong roots in the local reality, be loved and bought by local consumers giving you the benefits of growing consumption in the region. We are able to deliver brand strategy, execute it in the marketplace and distribute products.

Why you need us. Central Eastern Europe is promising but also very complex region. It embraces 18 countries out of which 11 are part of the European Union. Top 5 markets host 50% of total CEE population and contribute to over 70% of its GDP. Though these countries have similar past they are culturally diverse. Building value in this complex region requires local experience and knowledge of the region.

We like to LISTEN to your story and your needs. Each offer is tailor-made to best address your business situation and expectations. Have a look below to see more details about our Three-Steps-Approach. With our support CEE will no longer be the closed, inscrutable space for your business but to the contrary – CEE will become the secure marketspace to secure your European business growth.

Step1 / Relevance Check.
At this stage: we want to better understand the relevance of your product in the marketplace.
This step includes: market and trend analysis, consumer research, size of the business opportunity, etc.

Step2 / Launch Amplification.
At this stage: we prepare for the big launch, exact scope to be agreed with the client.
This step includes: all-star launch strategy, amplification of brand assets, distribution strategy, etc.

Step3 / Post-launch Evaluation.
At this stage: we observe market response, adjust distribution and marketing activities.
This step includes: all-star launch strategy, amplification of brand assets, distribution strategy, etc.

Our People

We are strong Team of passionate marketers with international experience in crafting consumer-focused brand strategies in different market sectors – from FMCG to IT and Horeca. We have been working for companies like Nestlé, Unilever and Danone across Poland, Italy, Netherlands and France. This international environment gave us deeper understanding of intercultural differences and helped find ways to make global brands work also in the local dimension. Our knowledge of CEE markets and wide business contacts make us strong ally in doing business in the region.

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